• An ongoing class at Xijen College.
  • First batch of graduates, 100% passing rate in the Licensure Examinations for teachers.
  • Xijen College wins national award in 2010- as TESDA's Best Partner Institution.
  • Visiting lecturer Fellow Philippine Obstetrical and Gynecological Society, Dr. Ruth R. Taguiling.
  • Xijen Kindergarten.
  • Training local entrepreneurs on Information Technology
  • Graduations at Xijen College
  • Xijen provides free computer training for the benefit of the youth in the community.
  • There are "mountains" to conquer for Xijenians in their studies, many have faced up to the challenge.
  • First electronic library in Mountain Province-launching of the STARBOOKS with the Department of Science and Technology.
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Category: Uncategorised Published: Monday, 18 August 2014

Xijen College today.Welcome to the official website of Xijen College of Mountain Province, Inc.   Xijen College offers courses and trainings to people from all walks of life.  Our programs include Information Technology (BS Information Technology- 4 years) , Business Administration ( BS Entrepreneurship- 4 Years), Teacher Education ( Bachelor of Secondary Education- Filipino Major- 4 years), Computer Technician (2 years), Secretarial (2 years).   We started as a technical vocational school and added college degree programs in the later years.

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